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Baby's Bath + Hair Care Routine

Baby's Bath + Hair Care Routine

A few weeks ago Tubby Todd Co. sent me their beautiful 100% natural bath gift set. So we eliminated everything else and tried it to see how it would work with Ava. The gift set comes with six essential products for baby's bath time care.

Hair & Body Wash (Lavender and Rosemary)

Everyday Lotion (Lavender and Rosemary)

Bubble Bath (Sweet Quince and Honeysuckle)

Baby Fresh Spray (Sweet Quince and Honeysuckle)

All Over Ointment (Fragrance-free)

Dream Cream (Shea Butter and Mint)  

First things first they all smell fresh and clean. The fragrance is subtle and yet distinct without being perfumey at all. I especially like the lavender and rosemary notes as they are calming and refreshing. I don't know about you, but a good bath always puts Ava to sleep, it's nice to know that the products I am using are aiding in that effort (because we all know they fight sleep like the plague)

Here are a few things to look out for that made me trust this product even more:

  • Every product is extra gentle and can be used safely on tiny newborns and toddlers
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Hair & Body Wash has been Pediatrician & Dermatologist tested and approved
  • All of their products are formulated with 100% natural ingredients
  • Made in the USA

Bath Routine

Step One: I fill the tub with warm water (only enough for Ava to sit and play in-- about 1/8-1/4 of the tub) and dole a few drops of the Bubble Bath; a little goes a long way (and just so you know the Hair & Body Wash, Bubble Bath, and Baby Fresh Spray are vegan and dairy free -- so is the Dream Cream)

Step Two: On a soft wash cloth or on your hands (I always feel like I get a better scrubbing and have more control when I use my hands, but the washcloth is great for her face and ears etc.) I put about a penny sized amount of the Hair & Body Wash (Lavender and Rosemary) and give her a good scrubbing! I then put another penny sized amount of body wash in her hair when she needs a shampoo. I do not wash Ava's hair everyday. African/African-American children usually secrete less oil on the scalp, over-washing can cause dryness, dandruff and or cradle cap so I usually only wash 1-2 times a week. Of course, if she's had a pretty sweaty day (e.g. on the day we visited the zoo ) I'll wash her hair. I then let her play about for a few minutes before washing her off with warm water.

Step 3: Conditioner. I am yet to find a conditioner I absolutely love but this step is very important. A lot of babies can get away without any conditioner I am sure but for babies that have dryer hair especially at the back of their heads you will want to use some kind of mild conditioner to treat the hair. Think about it, your baby naps (at least for their first few months) on his or her back, sits in the car seat on long car rides and then when they start moving, they usually tend to make knots in their hair. When you wash baby's hair with shampoo, though you clean it thoroughly you also lose a lot of natural essential oils so it's important to replenish. Currently I'm using this conditioner. I massage it into her hair, and sometimes (if its super frizzy or tangled) I will comb it with a wide tooth comb after 3 minutes wash conditioner out of babies hair. Step 3 can come before step 2 to avoid getting conditioner residue on baby's face or body. I just try to be extra careful :)


Step 4: Towel dry baby and moisturize her with Everyday Lotion (Lavender and Rosemary) starting on her face and then working my way down to her little toes, I then use the All Over Ointment (Fragrance-free) on the dryer parts of her body -- around her nose, eyebrows, her feet and her diaper area. (works well as a light diaper cream. Finally I will use the Dream Cream (Shea Butter and Mint) on any nicks or scars. Ava recently got a huge mosquito bite on her face, which she then scratched. Tubby Todd's goods came just in time and as I used it it not only dried out the bite remarkably it also seems to be healing the scar/hyper-pigmentation on her cheek. She also got a scratch on her forehead and on her left eye-lid (by her eyebrow) and it worked like magic.

Hair Care

Her hair routine is fairly simple and I only use two products because less is always more. I use this coconut oil to moisturize first (I find it's easier to get oils into the hair shaft after a warm bath and before the leave in conditioner or curling cream) you can use any coconut oil of your choice. I'm not usually picky on brand, I go with price/affordability and quality first.

After this I use Shea Moisture's Kid's Curling Cream (about a quarter size) and massage it through her hair. I'll either brush or comb through it and leave it as is. Her hair is usually left in a fro but from time to time I might clip one side or style it differently. At bed time, I will usually pull her hair up in pigtails or in fours to keep the back hair from suffering too much damage. She's too young for a bonnet and their scalps are so delicate, I prefer to let it breathe at night.

Tip: use coconut oil whenever your baby's hair feels dry. You don't have to use it once or twice a day, I usually use it multiple times a day as she plays or while we're reading a book or doing an activity to keep that area moisturized. I've found that this helps to keep her back hairs soft and from tangling.

I hope this works for some of you who've been dealing with baby's dry hair, so far this works for me. Let me know what you use on baby during bath time and if you try Tubby Todd's products leave a comment and let me know what you think. If you have any questions leave a comment below and I'd love to answer them to the best of my ability :)


Shop some of the products I mentioned and other bath time essentials below.

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